amitamin M FORTE

amitamin M FORTE

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Brand: amitamin

amitamin® M forte’s unique formula is based on Nobel Prize-winning research and supports the dietary treatment of vascular erectile dysfunction.

The M forte formula includes pharmaceutical grade L-arginine, Pine Bark Extract and seven further micronutients. They support arterial health by contributing to the metabolisation of blood vessels-damaging homocysteine (vitamin B6, B12, folic acid and biotin) and healthy testosterone levels (zinc).

Five reasons for amitamin® M forte:

  • Only amitamin® has the forte-formula: Our unique formula of highly dosed pharmaceutical grade L-arginine combined with Pine Bark Extract and seven additional micronutrients is especially designed for your dietary needs. This successful and proven formula is exclusive to amitamin® M forte and designed for ongoing consumption.

  • “Made in Germany” quality you can trust: Produced in Germany under strict pharmaceutical regulatory supervision. All products are developed, manufactured, authorized, sold and distributed by a German company. All ingredients are pharmaceutical grade quality. 
    amitamin® is a brand you can trust. German central pharmaceutical database registration number PZN 10206211; Austria PZN 4180536

  • amitamin® M forte does not include any fillers, artificial sweeteners, or artificial colouring.

  • Because our customers rate the amitamin products and customer service “very good” on TRUSTED SHOPS.

  • amitamin® pricing is always fair: One box includes 180 capsules in individually sealed blisters for maximum hygiene.

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